The Curing Hip Disease Fund

Over the past ten years, our unique hip surgery service has provided innovative care to a wide variety of patients with diverse hip conditions. This clinical work of providing care to patients has heightened our awareness of the need for high quality research. Therefore, we have developed a committed research team to investigate the most challenging aspects of hip surgery. We have specific interest in the treatment of pre-arthritic conditions in young patients, alternative total hip replacement implants, and alternative techniques for hip revision procedures.


In an effort to advance patient care, education, and clinical research, we established the Curing Hip Disease Fund several years ago. The primary goal of this fund is to improve the care of patients with ailments of the hip joint.  Gifts from private individuals make a significant difference in our research to improve the medical treatment of hip disease. Federal funding is usually not available during the early research phase, and therefore, these funds provide extremely important “start-up” resources.

Examples of how gifts have helped include the following.


Patient Care and Clinical Research: Advancements in patient care are achieved through research and innovative treatments. We are presently investigating new treatment modalities that span a wide spectrum of hip diseases. Most promising is our work on the early detection of hip disease, and the evaluation of surgical procedures that prevent osteoarthritis onset and progression. Continued support of our research initiatives will enhance the program, increase our research productivity and improve our capability to obtain large research grants from other sources.

Patient Care and Educational Opportunity: Excellence in patient care is at the heart of our mission.  This mission also involves the need to train the physicians and researchers of the future. This aspect of the program will create an opportunity for promising young investigators to develop their skills in this evolving area of medical research.

We hope this information gives you a better understanding of the Curing Hip Disease Fund. Please consider a gift or donation to support our efforts. Your gift can make a difference in bringing new ideas or projects to life.  Thank you very much for your thoughtful consideration of this request.


John C. Clohisy, M.D.

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