PAO for hip dysplasia in a young adult female professional

Today, thanks to her physical therapy and her team of surgeons at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Jill Taake no longer experiences pain in her hip.  In fact, the former gymnast, track star and cheerleader is able to remain active and do everything she wants.

On Nov. 13, 2004, Jill Taake did what she thought might not be possible just six months before: Thanks to hip surgery and physical therapy at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Taake was able to walk pain free and without a limp down the aisle to marry her husband, Doug. Taake, who was 33 at the time, had been experiencing random hip pain for about two years when she read an article about hip surgery and young women. She immediately called for an appointment with the doctor quoted in the article, John Clohisy, MD, Washington University orthopedic surgeon, co-chief of adult reconstructive surgery and director of adolescent and young adult hip surgery at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

“Dr. Clohisy looked at my x-rays and immediately diagnosed me with bilateral hip dysplasia, a condition that meant my hip sockets weren’t in the right place,” Taake remembers.  “I was stunned by the diagnosis, but followed his recommendations and had the surgery on my left hip.”  Dr. Clohisy and Perry Schoenecker, MD, performed the operation.

Affecting a Younger Crowd

When you think of people having hip surgery, you probably imagine older adults who suffer from arthritis pain and activity restriction. However, thanks to better diagnostic tools and more advanced surgical techniques, younger adults such as Taake are benefiting from hip surgery as well.

“We presently have a much better understanding of hip disease than we did just 10 years ago, so we’re able to provide alternative treatments that can be very beneficial for younger patients,” Dr. Clohisy says.

“Advancements over the last several years enable us to surgically relieve patients’ pain, enhance physical activity, and delay the need for a total hip replacement for many years.”

Active Living

“My hip feels great,” Taake says. “I’m so glad that I had the surgery when I did!”

PAO for hip dysplasia in a young adult female professional