Bilateral PAO for hip dysplasia in a young adult female

Dr. Clohisy,

You have given me hope that I didn’t have to live my life in pain. Never knowing that this “pain” would ever go away up until I met you. You have changed my life. Thanks to you, I don’t have to wake up every morning wondering if I will have pain in my hip. It was hard on me in high school, I would limp for no reason and had no explanation when someone asked me what was wrong. I always thought that it was all in my head and that someday it would go away. Now it is real and I can explain to someone what I have. I’m in great health and feel a whole lot better. I know my future is looking bright for me. You are my hero, you might think you are just a surgeon. You are someone that gives a person hope when every doctor she sees tells her nothing is wrong and it will go away. If this one doctor never suggested you to me, I would not be where I’ll be today.