Comprehensive Hip Care

Dr. Clohisy and the other healthcare providers on our multidisciplinary team are strong advocates for the concept of “comprehensive hip care”. This approach to treating hip disease recognizes the wide variety of disorders, the diverse patient population afflicted with these disorders and the full spectrum of contemporary treatment options. Our priority is to establish an accurate diagnosis and to develop an individualized treatment plan. Treatment recommendations are customized to the diagnosis and needs of each patient. Potential treatments include nonoperative measures, hip arthroscopy, open hip preservation surgeries, total hip replacement, hip resurfacing and revision procedures. We are fully committed to providing outstanding care to our patients from the time of initial presentation though the entire treatment course. In this section, materials are presented to provide additional information on the concept of “comprehensive hip care”.

  • Download a brochure about The Center for Adolescent and Young Adult Hip Disorders: Download
  • Download an article featuring Dr. Clohisy and his advice about preventative hip care and the current challenges in hip preservation surgery: Download
  • Download an article published in Outlook (Washington University School of Medicine magazine) that features Dr. Clohisy and a summary of contemporary hip preservation surgery: Download