About Dr. Clohisy

John C. Clohisy, M.D. is the Daniel C. and Betty B. Viehmann Distinguished Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Washington University. He serves as Director of the Adolescent and Young Adult Hip Service, Co-chief of the Adult Reconstruction Service

About Our Practice

Operating Room

Our primary goal is to provide outstanding orthopaedic patient care. To do so, we have developed a team of highly specialized healthcare providers who will work together to optimize your treatment.

Comprehensive Hip Care

Dancer Hip arthroscopy for treatment of an acetabular labral tear in a female dancer

We have developed an extremely experienced, multi-disciplinary team to accurately diagnose and deliver the full spectrum of both non-surgical and surgical treatments.

Conditions Treated

Dysplasia in college swimmer postop PAO surgery

There are a variety of hip disorders, such as acetabular hip dysplasia, affecting patients from childhood through adulthood. The following information summarizes basic knowledge regarding the most common conditions.

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Treatment Options

Post OP AP PAO and surgical dislocation for a “Perthes” deformity in a 29 year old female

The type of surgical procedure that is recommended for a given patient varies and spans a spectrum from less invasive hip arthroscopy to major open surgeries including periacetabular osteotomy (PAO) and revision procedures.

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Patient Cases

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